Our Community

For over 45 years, CHRG has been an important part of the communities we operate in providing somewhere for its 70,000+ members to meet, eat and enjoy social interaction and friendship with others; offering much needed support and facilities to veterans and their families; and sponsorship of dozens of youth sport, recreation, art, culture and educational programs. ClubGRANTS was designed to ensure that NSW’s larger registered clubs contribute to the provision of frontline services to their local communities and ensure that the disadvantaged can benefit from gaming contributions made by clubs. This year, CHRG shared in excess of $1.8 million with local community organisations – providing much-needed funding, resources and assistance to those in need, including veteran welfare services; healthcare; community transport; child and family services and support; aged, disability and youth services; education; community and cultural activities; sports; and victims of natural disasters.

See The Signs

Lynwood Country Club provides a free and confidential service for Gambling and Financial Counselling.

This service includes:

  • Confidential counselling
  • Assessment to provide a range of assistance approaches to help problem gamblers
  • Support and advice in addressing the associated problems with problem gambling
  • Information and referral where required

Signs of Problem Gambling

  • Maintaining secrecy around money issues
  • Hiding signs of gambling from others
  • Unusual debt changes eg refinancing the home to borrow more cash
  • Being open or boasting of gambling wins, but understating or not mentioning any gambling losses
  • Unexplained absences from work, home, or education
  • Mood swings
  • Unexplained generosity or euphoria
  • Preoccupation with gambling e.g. thinking about gambling when involved in other activities, being frustrated when gambling venues are closed, planning the day or week around gambling activities
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Loss of perception of time in gambling venues
  • Memory lapses during or after gambling

The Impacts

The impacts of problem gambling can be:

  • Breakdown of significant relationships
  • Financial problems
  • Loss of trust
  • Depression